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ToDo List: Sexy DMV Guy

12 Sep

Sexy DMV Guy you have NO idea what my day has been like.

First I missed my bus stop so I had to backtrack on foot… in QUEENS! Then I got lost. And it was hot. And I was sweating. And when I FINALLY found the DMV, my make-up had melted off of my face. And the guy who helped me at the DMV yelled at me.

But when I saw you, Sexy DMV Guy, none of that really mattered anymore. I haven’t seen arms like that {in person} in a while… maybe ever. Even with your silly, half-on hat, I find you sexy. But the sexiest thing about you {other than your arms, shoulders, face, general size and general being} is your manners; as you introduce yourself to your friend’s wife, you say, “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” and shake her hand. When you repeat this with his daughter, I pretty much could’ve fainted from witnessing the adorableness.

Clearly, Sexy DMV Guy, I would like to do you.


ToDo List: dorky business man guy

8 Sep

Oh dorky business man guy. There is something about you that is quite endearing. Maybe it’s the fact that your sleeves are rolled up, letting your forearms soak up the sun; maybe it’s your clean-cut hair and shiny dress shoes; maybe it’s the way you keep squinting in the sun, but still manage to turn and make eye contact with me; or the fact that stuff keeps falling out of your sandwich; or  that you are sitting in a park by a waterfall with your coworker; or that you keep eye fucking me; or maybe it’s just because the sun is out.

Either way, keep doing your thing, dorky business man guy! Thanks for the eye contact even though I look a mess. Thanks for looking back when you were walking away.

Overall, dorky business man guy, I’d like to do you… in all of your sunny, silly glory.

ToDo List {cutiecollegelookingboy}

16 Aug

Oh, what’s up, CutieCollegeLookingBoy!?

You remind me of pretty much ever crush I ever had in college. You look like a West coast boy with your cargo shorts and your striped rugby shirt, your Jansport backpack and low-cut Nikes.

Broad shoulders holding up a cutie-pie face, cropped hair and big headphones.

Going to study on a Saturday, huh? I like it.

You’re taller than most boys in these parts… I like that too 🙂

Overall, CutieCollegeLookingBoy, I’d like to do you.

ToDo List {sexylongboarderboy}

15 Aug

Well, hello, SexyLongBoarderBoy!

Look at you with your longboard… Walking around with no shirt on, then putting your shirt on. It’s all just so cute.

Even your ridiculous white watch is cute.

You are what I think of when I hear the phrase “boys of summer,” with your jet black hair and your tan skin.

Overall, SexyLongBoarderBoy, I’d like to do you.

This Morning {NOT the morning after…yet}

8 Aug

I’m so anxious right now. I’m sitting at my desk and my eyes are darting around. I can’t focus on the TV in front of me or the news wires flashing in the corner of my computer screen. All I can think about is getting off of work and seeing my big Fireman.

I don’t even think I was this anxious for the end of my day when I had an actual boyfriend. The worst part is that I still don’t even know if anything is going to happen! Thus, the nervousness. I will literally be rushing home to sit and become even more anxious… I’ll just be next to him though, so maybe it will feel worth it.

I can’t believe I, of all people, am nervous to make a move on someone. But this certainly wasn’t the situation I saw myself dealing with.

I HATE curveballs, and us not sleeping together (or even sleeping in the same ROOM, for that matter) on his first night in town was definitely a curveball.  Of course my roommate had to move out right before he got here– and leave her bed! Now, I’m determined to make it happen tonight. Even if I have to climb into my roommate’s old bed, too. Lol.

The funny thing is, I know for a fact that he’s a total man-whore at home, and he knows I’m a total woman-whore here, so there shouldn’t be any problem. There shouldn’t even be a debate. Or time for a second-thought… Right?

UGH. Why am I even thinking about this so much? It’s not a big deal. It’s just sex… Right?

Maybe it’s not just sex with him, and that’s the problem. I never expected my feelings to be this strong for him again–maybe even stronger than they’ve ever been.

BLEAHH! Whatever. I’m doing it tonight. And by “it,” let’s be clear here… I mean him.

To Do List {Justin Timberlake}

31 Jul

Justin. I have wanted to do you pretty much since before I truly understood what “doing it” was.
That means I wanted to do you when you looked like this…

When you brought “sexy back,” I wanted to do you even more.
{Even with part of your face obscured, I want to do you.}

I didn’t think I could want to do you {or Andy} more than when you did this…

That is, until you did this.
I’ve never wanted you more. {In fact, this kind of made me want to do Mila a little, too.}

All in all, Justin Timberlake, I’d like to do you.


To Do List {Ryan Gosling}

21 Jul

Oh, Ryan, you sly dog, you.

Oh, Ryan Gosling. You always play the most adorable, quirky, funny and sweet characters in movies (minus Murder by Numbers), so I can only assume you are that way in real life. You look good with a beard, you look good without a beard. You dress well. You make the cutest little, “Who me?” faces and that only makes me want to jump on you more.

Also, you played the most loveable man, Noah, in the Notebook. We will never forget it. Well, at least I won’t.

"It's still not over!"

All in all, Ryan Gosling, I’d like to do you.