ToDo List: dorky business man guy

8 Sep

Oh dorky business man guy. There is something about you that is quite endearing. Maybe it’s the fact that your sleeves are rolled up, letting your forearms soak up the sun; maybe it’s your clean-cut hair and shiny dress shoes; maybe it’s the way you keep squinting in the sun, but still manage to turn and make eye contact with me; or the fact that stuff keeps falling out of your sandwich; or  that you are sitting in a park by a waterfall with your coworker; or that you keep eye fucking me; or maybe it’s just because the sun is out.

Either way, keep doing your thing, dorky business man guy! Thanks for the eye contact even though I look a mess. Thanks for looking back when you were walking away.

Overall, dorky business man guy, I’d like to do you… in all of your sunny, silly glory.


Let me know!

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