My House Guest {wild pitch}

9 Aug

Ummmm. What the fuck is going on? I not to toot my own horn, but what IS this? It shouldn’t be this hard!

Tonight after I got off of work we smoked on the fire escape and talked about him moving here, which made me happy. Then we sat on the couch and I ate the dinner he made earlier and saved for me and discussed some other things that didn’t make me as happy: his ex girlfriend from Staten Island; the girl he’s going to meet tomorrow–his pen pal–who used to have a thing for him; the fact that he should’ve hooked me up with the Fireman from the station down the street.

No warning.

Again, I say What the fuck is going on?!

Is this some sort of weird test? Considering he’s not a 16-year-old girl, my guess is that it isn’t.

Then we just sat there… saying hardly anything… for like an hour… barely touching; I felt like I was in middle school.

I have fond memories of gazing longingly into each others’ eyes while he held me up in the lake. But maybe that’s just because he took fucking forever to kiss me!

Judging from the aforementioned topics, I feel like he’s totally not interested in me. To which I ask {the usual girl questions… Gah! Kill me.}: Why the phone calls every single day? Why fly all the way out here? Why ask me about moving to Seattle {where he wants to move} and working at a smaller market? Why grab me and kiss me goodnight… again?

Is he really just trying to keep the game going? Maybe this really IS a payback trip. OMG. If I’m getting played right now I’ll die from laughing too hard… at myself. Talk about Karma.

I’ll know tomorrow for 2 reasons. He/We’re supposed to hang out with the pen pal tomorrow. Even though she has a boyfriend, I’ll see how they interact. If they make more plans to hangout later this week… I’ll know.
And we’re finally getting drunk tomorrow night {NO MORE BOXING to be tip-top for}. If he still doesn’t kiss me when we’re drunk… I’ll know.

Fuck it. I’m just going to jump on him when we’re drunk and see what happens. No harm, no foul. Although, that’s what I said I was going to do tonight, too.

Tonight wasn’t even a curveball… it was a fucking wild pitch.


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