My House Guest {HottieFireman arrives}

8 Aug

Wait… Where are you? How do I not see you? You’ve got to be the tallest person here… Oh. There you are.

You could hear the smile in my voice. As I walked closer to him, the smile got bigger. I had to pretend to look down at my phone in order to gain my composure. Wow. How is it exactly that I had trouble being attracted to this man in the past?

As we reach each other on the sidewalk, his immense size truly becomes apparent. My arms go around his hips (the natural place they reach) and my head hits below his pecs as his heavy arms wrap me into a hug. His smile is as sweet and bashful as it was in high school, but his voice deep and smooth like a man’s. As we walk to the cab, things feel strangely comfortable despite our three-year hiatus.

I feel like Nala seeing Simba!

I don’t realize how much I miss his syrupy, brown eyes until I notice that we’re almost halfway to my apartment and he’s still wearing his sunglasses. I want to reach across the seat and take them off, but I don’t. Maybe he’s just gotten that much bigger, or maybe I just haven’t seen a tall, strong, hunky man in THAT long, but every time I glance over at him… I just want to reach out and touch him. Not necessarily in a creeper way (although I totally want to do that, too); I just want to touch his forearm with my fingertips, or rub my hand down his broad thigh.

By the time we reach my apartment and he pays for the cab (gentleman!), I’m able to get my excited jitters under control–my heart is beating a little slower, my hands are shaking a little less.

I feel calmer, that is, until he takes of his sunglasses and I lock-in on his chocolate eyes. Instantly, the uncontrollable smile is back.


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