To Do List {sexy hospital worker}

21 Jul

This is the best creepy pic I could get...

Well, hello, sexy-man hospital worker! Just getting off of work, are we?

I’ve never seen anyone pull of scrubs the way you do, let me tell you. They show off your man thighs, great arms, broad shoulders and just enough of your tattoo. I love that even though you have to wear comfortable shoes to work, you decide to rock a clean pair of black Nike Air Maxs.

What’s even more adorable is how you continue to almost fall asleep the entire duration of the bus ride. Tired from staying up all night helping people, huh? Adorable.

All in all, sexy hospital worker, I’d like to do you.

for reference, he looks kind of like Bailey's husband from Grey's... just younger, hotter, more chiseled and in scrubs.


Let me know!

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